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Zoh Gas whole business is oriented around quality service, the best LP Gas products and delivering them on time.

Zoh Gas Accredited LPG Supplier

Are you looking for LP Gas for your home or maybe for your business? Well you are in the right place. We deliver a range of Gas bottles right to you. Find out more about our services below. 

Range of LPG Products

We supply a range of LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) products to suite your needs, ranging from 9-48kg. Safe and eco-friendly liquefied petroleum gas filled cannisters.

LPG Products For Home Use

Safe, reliable, clean, efficient and versatile, Zoh Gas LPG can easily turn your home into a relaxing, healthy environment, and provide a welcome alternative when electricity supplies are unreliable. Our LP Gas products are perfect for home use:

LPG For Business

Zoh Gas LPG is powerful and environmentally friendly, requires low maintenance on equipment and provides opportunities for energy economies. LPG is thus ideally and widely used in many industrial applications and production processes. These include:

zoh gas business services

Safely Delivered

Zoh Gas offers free delivery within 24 hours of your order being placed. We’ll deliver it safely and securely. Never wonder where or when your LPG bottles will arrive.

Collect & Exchange

Zoh Gas offers a collection and exchange service as well. We will collect your empty gas cannisters and replace them with filled gas cannisters.

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Register as a new member whether you are a business or you just need gas for your home. Register your Zoh Gas account and start shopping online and get FREE delivery within 24 hours.

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